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Visit a job site or check out the team hard at work inside the Beamery by watching videos on our YouTube channel. You’ll see our team doing what we do best, crafting and assembling stunning timber frames. Rain or shine, we’ve got work to do.




"Timber Framing" is a specific type of Post and Beam construction that uses traditional wooden joinery to connect members. The most common connection is the use of a peg (trunnels or tree-nails) to secure a mortise and tenon joint.

Our Team

Cabin Creek Timber Frames is made up of a team of experienced professionals who know their craft and are passionate about their craft. Get to know the members of our team through the biographies below.

Joe Bell, Co-Owner/Operator. “Dr. Joe” has been building timber frames since 1984. While he does make a effort to attend each timber frame raising, he spends most of his time running operations and sales for the Cabin Creek team. Born and raised in Tuxedo, N.C., Joe is a US Navy veteran, former medical officer in the Vietnam War, and an experienced anesthesiologist who recently retired from teaching in the OR at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Joe enjoys to maintaining the large pieces of equipment around  Cabin Creek's Beamery. Joe also presents AIA-approved Continuing Education on timber framing to architects and designers in the southeastern United States. Contact Joe at

John Booker, Designer and Timber Framer. John joined Cabin Creek in 2002, as an apprentice timberframer. He rapidly rose in the company and held the job of Shop Foreman until 2011 when he took over the position of CADworks designer. Having held ever job that exists in a timber frame shop - John knows what will and will not work. John not only designs each timber frame using CADworks software, he can make it a reality, if need be. On occassion he has done specialty lathe work to create pendants and corbels for specific projects through the years. He has also created specialty furniture pieces for some of our clients.  John lives with his family in a “post and beam” home built by his family in 1986. He has since added multiple timber frames to his property, including a compound joinery cooking porch and compound joinery entry porch, a timber frame gazebo near their trout pond, and a tree house with a loft and octagonal windows for their children. John and Jackie have three children.                                                       Contact John at

"Miss Jo" Bell, Co-Owner/Accounting:  “Miss Jo” works with our clients regarding their financial arrangements, trying to make this process flow as smoothly as possible. Miss Jo handles all of Cabin Creek's accounting and payroll. She joined the Cabin Creek Timber Frames team in 2001 when she and Dr. Joe married. Miss Jo, was  a registered nurse with specialty certifications in Emergency Room nursing and Oncology nursing. (Norma) Jo served as the NC Medical Director of 'Carolina Basset Hound Rescue' in 2015. She and Dr Joe have fostered five Labrador Retrivers and five Basset Hounds. Currently they have two Labrador Retrievers and one Basset Hound that are 'foster failures'. Contact Miss Jo at

Mason Basset, Timber Framer, Shop Forman. Mason, moved to Franklin, NC with wife in 2014. Their daughter was born later that year. Mason graduated from the "American College of the Building Arts" with a Bachelors Degree in timber framing. When he's not building houses for Cabin Creek he's usually building trebuchets to launch pumpkins, bowling balls, or pretty much any thing he can get ahold of. 

Clarke Ball, Timber Framer. Clark, his wife and two children are former Ohioians. Clarke is also an excellent timber framer. When not timber framing Clarke is running. He is planning to run across the United States, probably in 2017.

Benjamin Whitehead Gallagher, Timber Framer. Ben and his family moved from the UK when he was nine. He fullfilled all of the requirements and became a naturlized citizen last year. Ben is an experienced and excellent timber framer. Cabin Creek is happy we found each other. 

Adam Garrett, Timber Framer. Born in East Tennessee, Adam has lived in Franklin, NC since 2001. His first job was as a sawyer for a local sawmill. Prior to joining Cabin Creek Timber Frames he worked for a local general contractor. He enjoys handcrafting fine furniture when he is not in the beamery. Adam is married. He and his wife have four children.

Roy Holloway, Timber Framer. Roy has been with Cabin Creek Timber Frames since 2005 when we were working on the Macon County Public Library project. He maybe found in the beamery or on phone duty in our office.  Roy's a former police officer with the Hollywood, FL Police Department and a Vietnam veteran.