At Cabin Creek Timber Frames, we work hard to craft frames of enduring beauty that will fit into your life for years to come. We’ve had the privilege to work with many wonderful people while achieving that goal, and a few of them have taken the time to share their experience with the Cabin Creek team. Take a look at their stories below.

"Beautiful job, John. We’re very proud of the finished product. We would recommend you to anyone interested in ornamental timber-frame construction. Your quick turn of the awesome 3D drawings sold me on your work from the start. I think we wound up with something very unique. Still amazed at how beautiful this project turned out!"

~Dave & Trudy, Marietta, GA

"Nice product and thanks for everything. We are excited about this one and have talked about even trying to put it in Southern Living."

~R.L., Contractor, Mandeville, LA

"John, I need to pass along a couple of well-deserved compliments. Both Tony and Roger were very impressed with your job today. Those guys do not pass compliments unless they are earned. Hats off to you for a good job."

~Bert, Contractor, Highlands, NC

“I'm very proud of my Cabin Creek timber frame. It has created quite a stir in the community. “

~ Judge Jimmy W.

"We would like to thank the entire Cabin Creek staff for providing us with the best timber frame home. We looked very hard at multiple suppliers of timber frame homes and then we saw one of yours that was in the final stages of construction. We were sold on Cabin Creek immediately. The quality of joinery in your product was superb, as well as the quality of timbers. We didn't even see a close second from any of your competitors. We also changed our mind and went with cypress after seeing one of your cypress frames. We had not even considered cypress until we talked with your company. We were also very impressed with the craftsmanship of your group when the timber frame was raised. Please feel free to us as references for other potential customers. We moved into our new home the first of September. We learned a lot, acting as our own general contractor. The house is built to withstand an earthquake or tornado, no problem." 

~ Judy and Gary, (P. Engineer)

“My wife and I contracted with Cabin Creek to build and erect our timber frame on a beautiful lot in Franklin, NC. From the first day, we talked with the owner who explained what timber frames are, and the process, we were convinced that it was to be our new home. From that moment on, we were kept informed about the progress of our new home on a regular basis. Cabin Creek worked with us throughout the process, including financing, and regular visits to the site to inform the contractor as well. In our experience with Cabin Creek, it was obvious that building timber frames with the utmost quality and dedication was one of their primary goals. Working with them was a very friendly but committed experience. The finished timber frame is as beautiful as we expected it to be.”

~ Art and Stephanie

“We enjoyed working with Cabin Creek and felt like we were part of their family. We are also very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of our timber frame home. We like to show it off and really are looking forward to the day when we are living there on a permanent basis. We would be more than happy to tell our story to anyone interested in purchasing a Cabin Creek Timber Frame home.” 

~ George and Linda

“We feel very fortunate to have a frame that is such a work of art. The craftsmanship of our frame is very impressive. Having a timber frame on a tight budget is possible. We feel that our frame is one of a kind, and that the men who built it are very talented. We are very fond of Cabin Creek and the service we received through the construction process.”

~ Laura and Jamie

“The house is beautiful—just as pretty as the ones in the magazines. Many of our friends have never seen a timber frame. We love the frame and loved watching it go up. We highly recommend Cabin Creek.”

~ Dr. Phil and Tiffany

“Excellent! Joints are tight. The design, which you worked out for us, is outstanding. Since you started with planed timbers, it was easy to finish the frame. The timbers are beautiful. People are saying this is where they would come in case of a tornado or hurricane. The hammer beam bent makes a special impression. Our experience in dealing with Cabin Creek was enjoyable, from planning to raising. And we can recommend Cabin Creek without reservation.”

~ Professors Lester and Linda

“Heads look up and say, ‘I can't believe it.’ They really like it, and come back with kinfolks and friends. It is very energy efficient. Average bill this summer was $52. Very quiet. Can't hear anyone drive up in driveway. Cabin Creek cares about what they turn out. They don't (just) cut and ship. These folks are craftsmen.”

~ William

"Ruth and I want to thank you and the whole Cabin Creek team for all the effort and hard work you put into our home. You did a beautiful job."

~ Ruth and Jim

“Excellent quality and craftsmanship.”

~ Mark