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With over 22 years spent building custom timber frames, the Cabin Creek team has learned a few things about how to help families build their ideal structure. Please review the content here and reach out to us at any point with questions.

Green Home Building Articles

Planning Your Timber Frame Home

If you are anything like me you have dreamed about building your own timber frame home for years. Dreaming about it is the easy part. Planning it IS work. Fortunately the more research and planning you do ahead of time the easier it will be for you in the long run....

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Restoration Project

The restoration project of the old dairy farm and the building of a green home. The site is 4 plus acres, partially wooded, with a 2' wide creek running through. It was partially open meadow. Part of an old dairy farm, there were invasive species of plants (privet...

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Timber Frames Are Green

First, let me attempt to define green. Almost every imaginable slice of the building industry has claimed to be green even if it means only the use of wood or bamboo flooring or "organic" cellulose for insulation. To be green, a building should be durable, flexible,...

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Cabin Creek Timber Frames

Green Structures We Build: Green Buildings and Energy Conservation Buildings use 37% of the total energy consumed each year in the US. Most old ones and many new ones are quite inefficient. Green building means quality building. More specifically, it means achieving...

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Notes For Contractors

Cabin Creek Timber Frames in Franklin, NC, builds highest quality, hand crafted timber frame buildings which are "green". Green, in our approach, means quality: sustainability, efficiency, and durability. We design and construct timber frame buildings with structural...

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The Buzzword Green

The buzzword green, the use of energy, and intelligent building is a subject on which I may tread on many toes. It is important enough to do so. Buildings in the US consume 68% of the electricity generated in the country, and 37% of the energy. If we consider our...

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Planning a New Green Office and Shop

It is a daunting job to design and build a new manufacturing facility or beamery with the necessary features to work well. Our business, Cabin Creek Timber Frames, had been in business since 1996. It was 2005 and we had been renting a 6000 square foot metal building...

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Leed and Healthy Built Homes

Building green can save you money. The word green is often abused and over used by entities which have no plausible claim to do so. The most honest definition of the new word green in buildings includes efficiency, durability, and sustainability. LEED and HERS are two...

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